Nothing could beat finding passion with music and striving to bring something absolutely unique to the table as the 26-year-old Lottz is set to take over the world in grand style and is hoping to become a household name for the effortless delivery of amazing vocal dexterity, punchlines and soulful notes that constantly melt the hearts of fans and listeners worldwide.

The London based musician, singer and songwriter is set to create amazing performances and music that grabs attention in moments the audience cannot comprehend. Lottz started singing at the very age of 15 with great influence from the award-winning JoJo. Undeterred, she bought a mic and recording software and started to record covers at home but would remix them then put them on YouTube, Facebook and other social media platforms.

Lottz musical career started in 2018 when she travelled to Thailand where she worked with writers and producers to boost her music prowess. Music has always been very therapeutic for Lottz, she loves to express herself emotionally through her music with real life experiences for listeners to relate.

She released her first single titled “Addicted” back December 2019. April 2020, her second single “Blame” was released, both available on all digital platforms worldwide. Lottz has collaborated with Uk artists Real Rootz, Grizzly, Trap ’n’ Blues & Lowko as well as American Rapper ‘A Million the Poet’.

Lottz is not looking back as she is ready to show the world that she is here to stay and blow our minds away as she has promised to deliver more singles and amazing projects very soon. Firstly with her new single release ‘No Love’ which is available on all platforms 26/02/2021.